Piko Tops – Piko Tank Tops – Piko Tunics

This site is an informational site about the popular trend – piko tops, piko tunics, and piko tank tops. This top will give you sizing information and all the info on why ladies love to wear piko tops!

Piko Tops & Piko Tunics

Piko tops and tunic tops are loose fitting and so comfortable tops that you can dress up or dress down to fit your style. These tops are fitted in the arms and flowy through the mid-section.

The piko tops are shorter in length, but they are still long for most people. If you are within 5’0″ and 5’4″, we would say that most likely the regular piko tops will fit more like a tunic for you. The long sleeve piko tops look cute paired with fleece leggings or patterned leggings in the winter. The short sleeve piko tops look great with jeans or jean shorts in the summer.

The piko tunics are long. If you are 5’5″ and above, you are most likely going to prefer the piko tunics. They are so comfortable they feel almost like pajamas, but you can dress them up to look nice. You can also wear these with leggings in the winter and shorts in the fall according to the sleeve length.

You can wear a Piko Tunic Top with leggings, jeans, dress pants, tights… you name it! You can layer them or wear them with trendy jewelry or scarves.

Short Sleeve Piko Tops

Piko Tank Tops

Piko tank tops are more petite fitting than most tops within the piko brand line.  These tanks are shorter than you would expect when you think of the piko tops. Usually piko tops are oversized and flowy. The piko tank tops are short in length and more fitted than the regular piko tops. We would suggest sizing up unless you are petite in height and weight. If you usually wear an extra small and are short in stature (5’0″ to 5’4″) then the small would work well for you. If you are somewhere between a size 6 and 8, the medium or large would work best for you. They are really comfortable and look great with distressed jeans, lace jean shorts, and bandage skirts! What’s great about the piko tank tops is that you can tuck them in really easily if you want to wear them with high-waisted jeans, high waisted jean shorts, or  a high-waisted skirt.

Amaranth Collection is a local boutique in Tulsa that sells piko tops, piko tunics, and piko tank tops. We also have an online boutique where we sell these tops. We do not sell wholesale, we are not the piko company, we only carry their product in our brick and mortar store and online.